How to naturally get rid of damp smells coming from inside the house

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The smell coming from a damp spot in the house can become very overpowering and churns your stomach each time you inhale it in. Before you start calling the professional cleaning company, understand that the smell can be easily eliminated using natural damp rid products.

  1. Do your spring cleaning more than once a year

If you allow dampness to grow and stink up the house, it just means you’re not cleaning enough and as often as you should be. Make the time and dedicate a weekend out of every two or three months or so, to clean out those carpets and other fabrics which are known to soak up moisture in the air.

Once you’ve cleaned the fabrics, be sure the clean the surfaces of the floor underneath those fabrics before you replace them back on otherwise the smell will just seep through your freshly washed fabrics.

  1. Use vinegar in replacement of chemicals

Vinegar is the number one anti-mould cleaning solution and it is practically harmless to humans. It will also proceed to very effectively remove mould and other contaminants when applied properly and thoroughly. In fact, when you apply vinegar on to the damp spots, it doesn’t require much additional effort to remove the stink as vinegar is also a natural anti-deodorizing agent.

  1. Add some citrus scent in the air instead

If you prefer to have your home smelling like the inside of a lemon, you can add a little bit of lemon juice with water for a fragrant and effective cleaning solution. Not only does this natural cleaning solution help to remove many kinds of mould but it is also great when used against many other types of stink that originates from other sources.

  1. Spray some baking soda

If you’re completely out of lemons then you can easily get another ingredient that is just as easily obtained from any household: baking soda. When mixed with a small amount of water, it becomes a very effective cleaning solution that is highly effective, removes stains as well as odors plus it does not release any toxic fumes which can be harmful to humans. OF course, don’t forget that even though the stain and odor may now be gone, you will still need to wipe the area sprayed.

  1. Last but not least, use soap and water

Naturally soap is included in this list as there are many different kinds of soaps that are available in the market which are made up of completely natural products. IT is also just as effective as the other cleaning solutions listed here so don’t be afraid to try out new things and see what works for you.

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